Saturday, March 26, 2011

Go Beyond the Hour!

At exactly 8.30 PM on Saturday 26th Match 2011, lights will switch off all around the globe, celebrating Earth Hour where people will commit to actions that go beyond the hour. I personally am the type of people who is fond of keeping the Earth alive for the next 500 years of generations.

This year, I am pretty much confident that the Earth Hour message will live beyond the event itself, embraced with unending commitments from all communities around the world to save energy into the future, be it school children, businessmen, teachers, housewives or even retirees.

With Earth Hour upon us, our thoughts are with the people of Japan during this incredibly challenging and sad time for their country. I hereby express my grief at the sad demise of the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

If we can't bear to see bountiful harvest we've garnered all these decades to decline, this Earth Hour, go beyond the hour! That's the very least we can do to show our concern towards mother nature. Happy Earth Hour!

Sydney goes Earth Hour

Friday, December 31, 2010

Bonne Annee

Fireworks at KLCC

Of all the things we like the most about new years is the opportunity to set up New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I’m not too fond of New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve always found them to be arbitrary and decisions that I should make all year long.  For me, exam season is the hardest time to make a resolution and stick with it because it’s generally when I go through about of depression. I try and build good habits in when I’m strong and cling to them when I’m weak. Let us set our sights on the goals we have set before us.

Here we are, standing on the brink of 2010, hoping that 2011 will bring prosperity and everlasting happiness. Though 2010 has been somewhat a long breath-shorting journey, we managed to walk down the path with a song, with the essence of perseverance and self-righteousness embraced deep in our soul. Happy New Year and have a prosperous one!

Dear god, let 2011 be filled with good things, with the comfort of warmth in our relationships, with the strength of vibes and bonds to help people in need. As we make our resolutions for the year ahead, let us go forward with great hope that everything can be possible with Your help and guidance.
Happy New Year

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salam AIdiladha 2010

gambar rembat hehe
It's the day of the year again! While Muslims on the other side of the planet are celebrating Aidiladha today, we here, will be meeting the day tomorrow. I can sense that Aidiladha this time will be grandly celebrated. The neighbors here around my neighborhood have been meaning to do some offering for years. Only now that they have the chance to gather and do so, probably because of financial and time constraints. Oh well that is beside the main point. Anyways, neither am I going back to Melaka nor Johor for Aidiladha since my family has decided to stay here in Kajang to celebrate Aidiladha. For this blissful season, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Hari Raya Aidiladha. And for millions of Muslims out there who are making their journey to Mecca as to complete five tenets of our blessed religion, have a safe journey and may you be blessed with His forgiveness. I am definitely going to enjoy this enchanted feast and gain some kilos. Salam Aidiladha :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


This is to express my grief at the sad demise of a friend, Syazwan Asyraf. Though I might have known very little about him, but that little was enough for me to consider him a dear friend.

My heartfelt condolence for the deprived family whose loss will inflict sorrow to the whole family. May he live in our hearts forever.

Rest in peace and live your afterlife joyfully.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kelakar Pulak

Kerana Manisnya Epal ialah sebuah cerpen komsas tingkatan 4.

HAHAHA. sial

Nak ketawa lebih2, tekan sini

Friday, October 15, 2010

Believing is Knowing

Somebody did this particular work i seriously hate. I was tagged in a post on facebook which flooded my news feed and notifications like a tsunamic wave going on a rampage. And I came across a thread in some forums, discussing about believing-in-god thing. And these two posts, until now, are getting so many hits. There were arguments and debates, well-blended with all-time favorite issue, racism. They were arguing about this thing, when the majority of the users were non-muslims, disagreed that Allah exists. Somehow it brought me here to exactly express my two cents. However, I believe, to ease understanding and tolerance, it would be best if an opinion is delivered by giving some pictures of everyday scenes. Hopefully this might open some minds, and so to observe issues in every different perspective possible. To ponder and think carefully on something that not everyone has the answer.

There was this muslim man who went to a barbershop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work, they began to have a very good conversation. They talked about many things and subjects.

When they actually touched on the subject of Allah, the barber said, "I don't believe that Allah exists.".

"Why did you say that?", asked the customer.

"Well, you just have to go out in the street to realize that Allah doesn't exist! Tell me, if Allah does exist, would there be so many sick people? Would there be abandoned children? If Allah existed, there would be neither suffering nor pain! I can't imagine a loving god, whom they call Allah, would allow all of these things.", replied the barber confidently.

The customer thought for a moment, but did not respond because he did not want to start an argument. The barber finished his job and the customer left the shop.

Right after he left the barbershop, he saw some men in the street with long, string, dirty hair and untrimmed beard. They looked dirty and so unkempt.

Immediately, the customer turned back and entered the barber shop again and said to the barber, "You know what? Barbers don't exist."

"How can you say that?", asked the barber surprised. "I'm here, and I'm a barber. And I just worked on your hair!".

"NO!", exclaimed the customer. "Barbers don't exist because if they did, there would be no people with dirty long hair and untrimmed beards, like those men in the street!".

"Ah, but barbers do exist! That is what happens when people don't come to me.",  justified the barber.

"That's exactly the point!", affirmed the customer. "Allah, too, does exist! That's what happens when people do not seek Him for helps and forgiveness. That is why there's so much pain and suffering in this world. You get the point, mister you-are-not-a-barber?".

The barber went silent and began to ponder. The customer left the shop with a big grin from ear to ear.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Education is a must, no?

This is a short story to share about the relationship between jobs and education. Consider this as my first time writing an entry since I've been abandoning this blog for quite a whole while already.

Today, by chance I bumped into an old friend of mine. Back then when we were in the upper elementary school, he was like the other half of me. We sat together for the whole year. In standard 6, we were still in the same class, but the teachers (those who did the thinking), decided not to allow us to sit together because we were getting very much close (way close). They didn't want him to bring me (the studious type) any bad influence. Well to me, he wasn't that bad. He was just mischievous to hang out with such gangsterish guys, who weren't even gangsters at all. 

The last I remember of him was that he was belted nicely by his dad when the teachers decided to report to his parents when he skipped a school one fine day. Having no other credible conclusion, these teachers simply assumed he was up to no good outside. In comparison, I almost skipped school once a week, but nothing was ever said to my parents. Oh well, typical studious student. Later, I changed school, and so did he. I got prompt updates about his life from his cousins whom I happened to meet later in my secondary school.

After form 3, having no passion in study, he dropped out of school and became an apprentice in a workshop (being a mechanic of course). I continued studying, aced my exams, got a scholarship (which i rejected simply due to the course offered).

Today, me, the supposedly studious one has already flunked in my study during my pre-university but however is back on track in a local university and I'm happy to be in the course field I like.

He on the other hand, instead of wasting a big chunk of lifetime studying knowing he doesn't like it and is going to fail anyway, worked hard all these years. Today, he drives a Perdana and is going to take over the workshop from his precursor and soon enough he will have his own house. And this is just the very beginning for him. We're both just 19. Leaving those idiotic teachers who decided some dumb education who think grades is such a bloody great deal, could not make him any happier.

I may not be all fit to say this, but having been going through school time until pre-university gives me a whole lot of experiences already. At least I can see the phenomenon circulating our generation today. Every now and then, there will be someone to say he has no passion in studies, he flunked all his exams, not knowing if studies are really worth it or not yada yada. And they even ask, what should I do next? I sincerely feel that this mindset about ‘no education no life’ is way too over-rated. Studies aren’t everything and making money isn't related to studying. They are completely two different things. These people should give up studying. Why must waste the effort when they can go out to work, learn a trade, make big money and be happy? Why must force themselves to study when  10 years are more than enough to prove they are not good and not interested in studies? Going off to work, the certificate isn't anything like a magic scroll that makes them rich any instantly. What they end up with is a low paying job to repay their education loan and that will take a big chunk of time.

It is even more ridiculous when rich people ask is it worth it to pay so much to study in some renowned foreign universities for some particular job prospects. Oh man, you're paying that kind of big money to learn from the best faculty, things you can't find in books, to see things from angles you never thought possible, to go beyond where your imagination can bring you. Now that I am funding myself for my studies, I know very well that same amount I pay for my studies if I just left it in the bank and ration it, it will last a life time. But if I invested it, I would probably make many times more than I'll ever make from whatever job my grand certificate buys me! And here I hear people saying they're going to study engineering abroad because BIOTECHNOLOGY has no job prospects when actually they hate engineering but love biotechnology. They might just as well save the money and do it locally if what they are seeking is job marketability.

Mark my words, if what you are looking for is solely job prospects, think again and again before you suffer 4 years for any engineering courses or even 5-6 years for sought-after medic course overseas. To spend a hell of an amount of money to study something that you are not sure if it’s related to your career years later is simply 'genius'!

And here I'm not implying that education has no importance, nor it is unrelated to career and income. It is! In fact all money making techniques or methodology are built upon academic research and study in some forms. To earn big money out of your grand certificate, lots of things must be done after years of specialization, which includes gaining a whole lot of precious experience to command higher pay. But to reach this level they've got to have the passion and determination. How often do we hear a highly paid engineer say, engineering sucks, I find engineering so hard that I had to retake my exams multiple times but I'm glad I hanged on and now I'm being paid so highly? Do we hear people say, hey I flunked all my tests so I did my degree locally and magically I’ve got into Harvard for my masters, no?

All in all, the formula of getting rich (or getting successful) may not only include education. It boils down to hardwork, determination, opportunities and a bit of luck probably. What education gives is only opportunity. Being educated has better opportunity in landing a good job in a good environment. If someone can use education to his advantage, then that's good. But if studying is something the person already knows he can't do, going to college to fail 1 subject every semester, to retake, to change course or to spend your life's saving of 500k for an overseas education is not the right part to add into the formula. That's when they have to look at an alternative route. I mean if it's the education he wants for the academic value, then he shouldn't put a price tag on it, he whether it's his life's saving or he's borrowing from loan sharks or he wants to sell his organs, only he can decide how worthwhile that university experience is. But that kind of returns is not going to be in job opportunities or some magical road to riches.

That's all perhaps and thanks for your time.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Forget and Forgive and You Shall be Forgiven.

As the mountain high, we move without sigh.,
Like the linen flair, purity is always an affair,
As sunshine creates morning glory, fragrance fills years as flory,
With immaculate eternal smile, attached to us miles after miles,
All darkness is far away as light is on it's way.

Wishing all Muslims a very happy Ramadhan. May this Ramadhan bring us closer to His forgiveness.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Illuminati Plans Well

Ape yg aku nk cite ni maybe ade yg da tau, ade yg blom. Tp aku nk gk share benda ni.

Korang tau apa tu Illuminati? Illuminati are those who claimed themselves as the selected people among the jews. Sebuah organisasi yg dianggotai oleh orang yahudi yg bijak & pandai, yg nak merealisasikan cita2 diorg utk menjd pemerintah dunia, dan mengawal segala gerak geri di seluruh dunia including political finance, social engineering, mind-control, economic, etc. Ni sume usaha diorg utk wujudkan New World Order (NWO). Google psl NWO klu tatau ape sbnrnye NWO tu.

Ok2 kalau tak paham lg, ni ha maksd yg aku dpt melalui Youtube

The Illuminati are the top players on the International playground, basically belonging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world, and they are the men who really rule the world from behind the scenes (yes, they are mostly men, with a few exceptions). They are the REAL Decision Makers, who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow, and they are often held from public scrutiny, as their action can't stand being scrutinized. They are connected by bloodlines going back thousands and thousands of years in time, and they are very careful with keeping those bloodlines as pure as possible from generation to generation. The only way to do so is by interbreeding. That is why you so often see royalties marry royalties, for example. Their parents decide whom to marry.

Ni dia simbol Illuminati. Cuba tengok tu, simbol 1 mata. Mcm dajal... Entah la... wallahualam.

Tahun lps kite ramai2, berebot2 tgk cite 2012. Tgk trailer pon da agak menyeramkan. Cerita ni membayangkan keadaan bumi dilanggar planet nibiru mcm dalam ramalan kalender kaum maya yg wujud sekitar 5 ribu tahun dulu.. Seolah2 dunia da kiamat. Tp korang tau tak brp da diorg belanjekan duit utk cerita nih? Kos menghasilkan filem ni mencecah USD 200 juta! Jd cuba korang fikir, asal diorg sanggup keluarkan wang yg besar semata2 nak buat filem yg membesar2kan ramalan kaum yang wujud 5 ribu tahun dulu? Sedangkan pihak NASA sendiri pun belum lagi sahkan kebenaran teori ni.

Mungkin diorg nk wujudkan GLOBAL PANIC SITUATION yg mana bile keadaan dunia huru hara, jd seluruh dunia akan mintak bantuan dgn perlindungan drp diorg nih. Golongan Illuminati ni mmg teruja nk showoff kuasa diorg, sampai simbol2 diorg ni turut dimasukkan skali dlm movie2 yg diorg hasilkan.

Cuba tgk simbol satu mata dgn peristiwa 11 September 2001, yg WTC kene attacked tu. Kebykan movie ni dihasilkan sblm 11 September 2001.

Alright, sebelum tu, korang tgk dlu video clip ni dulu 

Klu korg tgk video tu, korg tau diorg mmg nak wujudkan GLOBAL PANIC SITUATION tu. Mcm peristiwa WTC kene attacked yg diorg sendiri rancang tu, tp diorg tuduh ekstremis Islam yg jd dalang.

Okay, yg ni lg best. Cuba tgk wang dolar US yg da dibuat mse tahun 1776 sempena penubuhan Illuminati. Diorg masokkan skali simbol2 illuminati dlm wang kertas USD1.

Cuba tgk wang kertas USD20 ni plak...

1. Fold a $20 bill in half so that you see the top half of the reverse side

2. Fold the left half away from you as shown

3. Fold the right half so that the burning Pentagon is revealed

4.Flip the bill over to see the World Trade Center

Jeng Jeng Jeng! Kan serupa tuh! Mmg besar kemungkinan diorg sendiri yg rancang serangan WTC dgn Pentagon 11 September 2001 yg dulu. Rancangan yg da diplanned beratus tahun dulu kot? Sebot tu la Yahudi ni digelar kaum yg paling bijak, maju dgn kaum yg berfikir 1000 tahun ke dpn. Just google "why Jews are clever" and you'll find a lot of articles about them.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Moving On

Another year is gone already
But it has also made us strong 
The path was long 
But we walked it with a song
There were fears and tears
But we also had reasons for cheers

Wishing you happy memories of 2009 and have a blast 2010
Happy new year! 

For matricians, hope for the best results for recent exam and have a blissful holiday.